last night at 4am i was almost asleep but then i thought “does steve have a bucky list?” and i couldn’t stop laughing but then i thought that it could be a list of all the things steve wants to show bucky because now he is the one who has to get used to today’s world like “oh that’s on top of my bucky list”

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I love the idea of Bucky always being cold, so imagine that the first few weeks it's very bad, nothing helps warm him up enough to stop shivering, except maybe snuggling up to someone. Nat, Steve and Sam are the ones that are always around, so they always find themselves with a Bucky snuggled up to them; they don't mind at all since he just looks so miserable. It very slowly gets better, but Bucky doesn't tell anyone just yet, because hell, it's a damn good excuse to just cuddle.



what he eventually discovers is that he doesn’t really need an excuse; any one of them are happy to cuddle with him just because. he doesn’t realize this until he sits next to sam on the couch while sam is watching the news, a careful six inches away from him. what he’s not expecting is for sam to sidle up to him and throw an arm around him, pressing a quick kiss to his temple. it’s easy to lean into him after that, and bucky dozes off resting against his chest.

“fucking sebastian stan”

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also what everyone aspires to do

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I feel a little emotional today…

Hope you like it :3


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there are people out there who think scott mccall and steve rogers are boring


apparently hearts of gold are not interesting

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Can’t sleep either, huh?

(Sam + Steve + road trip + crappy motels. From that night on they don’t bother to book separate rooms.)

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 Imagine your OTP slow-dancing to a  love song, with Person A quietly singing the words in  Person B’s ear.


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